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Sep 27 ,2018
EMC / ESD Pulse Measurements Using Oscilloscopes
- Presenter: Mike Hertz, Teledyne LeCroy Sr. Field Applications Engineer
Sep 18 ,2018
Faster Time to Insight Using Real Time Spectral Analysis of Power Rails
Presented by Dr. Eric Bogatin, Signal Integrity Academy
Jul 11 ,2018
Secrets of Signal and Power Rail Oscilloscope Probing Revealed
Presented by Dr. Eric Bogatin, Signal Integrity Academy
Jun 28 ,2018
Bluetooth Protocol and Audio Expert Systems: The Faster Path to Problem Solving
Jun 13 ,2018
Don’t Let Ground Bounce Ruin your Day
Presented by Dr. Eric Bogatin, Signal Integrity Academy
May 7 ,2018
Essentials of HDCP 2.2 Authentication and Encryption Protocols for HDMI and DisplayPort
Apr 17 ,2018
Debugging High Speed Serial Links
Mar 27 ,2018
PCI Express 4.0 MultiPort Analysis
Mar 21 ,2018
Probing in Power Electronics - What to Use and Why
Mar 1 ,2018
PCI Express 4.0 Transmitter & Receiver Compliance Testing and Debugging Dynamic Link Equalization Problems
Feb 27 ,2018
Essentials of DisplayPort Display Stream Compression (DSC) Protocols
Feb 22 ,2018
Debugging IoT (Internet of Things) using Oscilloscopes
Dec 19 ,2017
Essentials of HDMI 2.1 Fixed Rate Link Protocols for 48Gbps Transmission
To view this presentation you must be an HDMI adopter.
Dec 14 ,2017
PCI Express Gen3, Gen4 and Gen5 Physical Layer Test Requirements and Procedures
Presented by: Hiroshi Goto, Business Development Manager, Anritsu & Patrick Connally, Technical Marketing Engineer, Teledyne LeCroy
Dec 13 ,2017
On-Die Power Integrity Measurements
Presented by Dr. Eric Bogatin, Signal Integrity Academy
Nov 15 ,2017
Getting the Most Out of Your Oscilloscope
Nov 14 ,2017
Automotive Ethernet Physical Layer Compliance Testing
Oct 26 ,2017
Measuring Motor Performance - Using Power Analyzers and Oscilloscopes
Oct 24 ,2017
Low Frequency Passive and High Frequency Active Probing Techniques and Tradeoffs - What to Use and Why
Oct 11 ,2017
Oscilloscope Automation and Making Custom Measurements Using MATLAB and VB
Sep 27 ,2017
USB 3.1 Gen 2 Compliance Testing and Debug Webinar
Sep 20 ,2017
Oscilloscope Basics - what my oscilloscope can do!
Sep 20 ,2017
Power Integrity, Digital Power Management and Power Sequencing Analysis
Jun 22 ,2017
Essentials of DisplayPort Protocols at HBR3 8.1 Gb/s Link Rates
Jun 21 ,2017
High Voltage Fiber Optic (HVFO) Probe for Small Signal Floating Measurements
Presenter: Ken Johnson, Director of Marketing, Product Architect
Jun 14 ,2017
PAM4 Analysis and Measurement Considerations
May 24 ,2017
The Fundamentals of Automotive Ethernet
Presented by Bob Mart, Product Line Manager at Teledyne LeCroy
May 10 ,2017
Practical DDR Testing for Compliance, Validation and Debug
Apr 19 ,2017
USB 3.1 Gen 2 Compliance Testing and Debug
Apr 12 ,2017
NVMe-MI Conformance Testing Webinar
Nov 30 ,2016
Measurements and Analysis for Switched-mode Power Designs

Presented by Senior Applications Engineer, Steve Murphy

Aug 11 ,2016
Essential Principles of Power Part 2: Power Conversion - from Semiconductor Devices to Complex Drives

Presented by Product Architect, Dir. of Marketing Ken Johnson

May 11 ,2016
DDR Debug – Moving beyond compliance testing

Karthik Radhakrishna, Teledyne LeCroy FAE
Mark Lionbarger, Teledyne LeCroy FAE

May 4 ,2016
Essential Principles of Power Part 1: Voltage, Current and Power - from AC Line to PWM

Presented by Product Architect, Dir. of Marketing Ken Johnson

Apr 19 ,2016
Characterizing PAM4 and Next-Generation 400Gb/s Optical Links

Stephen Mueller, Teledyne LeCroy FAE Manager
Fernando Gomez, Teledyne LeCroy Optical Systems Applications Specialist

Apr 14 ,2016
USB Type-C and PD Compliance Testing

Presented by Mike Micheletti, Product Manager, Teledyne LeCroy

Mar 9 ,2016
Analyzing Electronic Warfare Signals with Oscilloscopes

Presented by Mike Hertz, Teledyne LeCroy Sr. Field Applications Engineer

Nov 10 ,2015
Using Real-time Digital Oscilloscopes to address Coherent Optical Signal Analysis

Presented by Fernando Gomez, Optical Systems Applications Specialist

Sep 2 ,2015
USB Type-C and Power Delivery Technology & Testing Webinar

This technical tour de force will drill-down on Type-C and Power Delivery implementation and testing details. Topics will include a review of the new plugs and receptacles, plus an in depth look at the cable detection protocol.

Jun 17 ,2015
Power Measurement and Analysis of Switched-Mode Power Supplies
This webinar overviews techniques for characterizing and debugging switched-mode power supplies, including saturation voltage, safe operating area, and control loop response analysis.
Jun 3 ,2015
New Test Capabilities for Motor Drive Three-Phase and Mechanical Power Analysis

Typical power analyzer instruments provide simple capability to measure static (steady-state) electrical input and output power values, and perhaps also integrate motor torque and speed values for calculation of mechanical power.

May 27 ,2015
Testing and Optimizing SATA Power Management with DevSleep

This webinar will explore the gamut of Aggressive Link Power Management (ALPM) techniques for SATA SSDs.

Apr 21 ,2015
SAS/SATA Protocol Analyzer Update

This technical update will explore key enhancements in the latest release of our flagship Sierra SAS / SATA protocol analyzer. Presented by Peter Lizak, Applications Engineer

Nov 14 ,2014
Testing and Qualifying SAS 12 Gb/s SSDs
Presented by Mike Micheletti, Teledyne LeCroy PSG Product Manager Storage and Peter Lizak, Teledyne LeCroy PSG Senior Applications Engineer
Nov 5 ,2014
USB 3.0 Compliance and a look ahead to USB 3.1
The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) requires that all USB products meet the criteria established by the USB-IF Compliance Program for eligibility to bear the USB-IF logo. As an official test partner for Link Layer certification, Teledyne LeCroy USB protocol analyzers, exercisers, and compliance test software, play an important role in this process.
Aug 22 ,2014
PCI Express Storage Webinar

This seminar will discuss the reasoning behind the move to PCI Express based storage and the advantages of doing so. The seminar will also provide an overview of PCI Express and how it is used as a transport for storage protocols. Real world examples will be used to demonstrate techniques for debugging PCI Express based storage technologies.

Jul 8 ,2014
Essential Principles of Jitter Part 2: The Components of Jitter

Presented by Dr. Alan Blankman and Dr. Eric Bogatin 

May 7 ,2014
Essentials of Jitter Analysis Part 1: The Time Interval Error

Presented by Dr. Alan Blankman and Dr. Eric Bogatin

Dec 4 ,2013
Testing and qualifying DDR4 for JEDEC Compliance
Presented by Mike Micheletti, Product Manager, & Robert Mart, Technical Marketing Engineer, Teledyne LeCroy
Jun 12 ,2013
Understanding and Testing DDR4 RDIMM and LRDIMM Technology
- Presented by Mike Micheletti, Product Manager - Teledyne LeCroy; & Douglas Malich. Product Markting Manager - IDT